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Collateral Transfer Facilities & Pricing

  • Raise Collateral for Credit Lines
  • Fast & Efficient Solutions
  • International Bank Covenants
  • $1 Million to $500 Million+ Contract

Collateral Transfer facilities are available from $1million to $500 million per contract. Amounts over $500 million can be achieved by entering multiple contracts.

Collateral is of course limited and a Provider will only offer to his maximum limit which is dependent upon the status of the applicant and current market conditions.

Global Finance Capital will of course issue the Bank Guarantees/SBLC from international banks, making them widely acceptable. All Guarantees are issued inter-bank via SWIFT. Applicants can provide their own verbiage, although all Guarantees issued under these facilities contain standard credit facility guarantee wording (ICC758) which can be provided upon request.

Typically, the term can be from 1 year, renewable to up to 5 years, depending on the willingness of the Provider and the strength of the applicant. Longer terms are sometimes negotiable to 10 years although this may only be available to very strong applicants and longer term projects.

Contract Fees (Leasing Fees) levied by Global Finance Capital are minimally low commonly between 0.8% and 10% per annum, depending on the term, amount and current market demand. Multiple contracts will of course attract lower rates.

All costs, procedures and terms are detailed in full in the Letter of Intent we provide before the applicant is required to make any financial commitment. There is no obligation to accept Terms once they are offered.

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