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“If you don’t have it, rent it.”

  • Increase Bank Borrowings
  • Financial Guarantees
  • Securities Leasing and Bridging Finance
  • Rent Collaterals for use as Loan Security

For young companies and companies experiencing tough financial times, it is not always easy to convince your company bankers to grant finance and loans when they are needed the most. It is common to find highly geared companies in times of recession and often companies have borrowed to the hilt of their assets. Some young companies may not have any borrowings at all; not because they are financially independent, but because banks and lenders will not grant any credit to them.

Bankers and Lenders alike will demand security for any loans or investment. If the company has already used available equity or does not have access to strong security, the options of borrowing are dramatically decreased.

Shareholders can of course be approached to raise further capital and the options of Bond Offerings and Private Placements may also be made. However, these avenues are not always the best course of action, or the most economical. They can be long, drawn-out processes and the company may not have the time or the money to launch such complex financial actions.

In these circumstances, it may simply be preferable to import or lease collateral assets to offer as security for conventional borrowings.

Through Collateral Management and Security Leasing programs, Global Finance Capital have experience in providing collateral and security to potential borrowers to secure further bank borrowings with their conventional bankers or from lending facilities arranged through our partnerships.

By providing Financial Guarantees or Third Party Corporate Guarantees from multi-national conglomerates working closely with Global Finance Capital, potential borrowers will find it easier to obtain bank borrowings, raise urgent business capital, borrow larger fund, leverage your investment position, refinance and restructure as well as for all kinds of Trade, Commodity trading and others..

Financial Guarantees, Third Party Guarantees (‘White Knight’ Guarantees) and Collateral Leasing can prove an effective solution to increase borrowings or for financing and can be efficiently used as bridging finance. Most common form of security acceptable in the world today is a BG / SBLC.

To understand these procedures and to receive more information, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

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