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Loan Financing Against Financial Instruments

  • Bank Guarantee/SBLC as Loan Collateral Security
  • Terms from 12 months
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Simple and Fast Procedure

Finding a suitable financial partner that is willing to offer your corporation the financing it requires is paramount to any expanding business or project.

Global Finance Capital have exclusive ability to facilitate structured corporate loans and financing packages to a wide variety of selected clients. All corporate loans and structured financing can be arranged through our Collateral Transfer facility/Credit Facility or Collateral Enhancement Commitment for top International Financial Institution Instruments.

Our panel of private lenders and equity providers are keen to expand their lending portfolios into areas of;

  • Private Healthcare
  • Petro-chemicals, Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Civil Construction & Government Contractors
  • Real Estate Developments & Rental Portfolios
  • Investment and Structured Trading Facilities
  • I.T and Software Development

By offering our selective clients a complete solution to loan packages, we are able to structure the financing in a variety of different ways which can include the creation and importation of adequate security and credit enhancement. This allows us to present our clients with full solution packages.

Each contract is bespoke to the requirements of the client and lender. By introducing our skills into arranging suitable corporate structures and enhancement vehicles, our clients benefit from a complete turn-key operation.

It is essential however that those successful applicants are solvent corporations with an established history.

We welcome you to contact us today to discuss your scenario.

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