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“Get fit. Financial efficiency.”

  • Corporate Restructure
  • Attract New Investment & Finance
  • Private Sale or IPO Preparation
  • Tax Efficiency & Synergy

Restructure your company’s finances, Lower debt repayment. Become a leaner, meaner business machine; Faster, Stronger and more competitive.

Restructuring does not always mean bad news, job losses and ‘pulling in the belt’. To the contrary, it more often means becoming leaner, faster and stronger in the preparation to become ‘attractive’ to outside investors and become more profitable. Moreover, it means becoming more efficient.

A simple restructure can also be seen as a financial spring-clean, ridding the inefficiency within the business. As a business grows and acquires assets and increases its ground in the market place, it is essential to review the business structure. For faster growing businesses and businesses going through rough times and constricting its operations, a regular view by its executives at mild-restructure is essential to maintain efficiency and profitability – making the maximum of the business turnover, profits and assets.

Restructuring can therefore take many different forms. It can address its existing borrowings in an attempt to lower them or to offset them, or to refinance to obtain longer and more competitive repayment terms. It can also address the management of collaterals and restructuring of assets to increase the company’s wealth, health and gearing ratios to become ‘fitter’ and attract investment.

Restructuring on a larger, more intense scale, may result in the offsetting or avoidance of tax obligations and the offsetting of short-term debt into longer term debt obligations.

In preparation for a major investment, loan application or IPO, a view at restructure is important.

To effectively restructure, it is important to have a complete understanding of the benefits of international jurisdictions, tax efficiency, business capital options and many other complex financial issues.

Once we are invited to learn more about your business, we can provide comprehensive advice and offer numerous financial solutions such as;

  • Introduce further investment and loans
  • Offsetting immediate liabilities
  • Lower (or eliminate) tax liabilities Prepare your business for sale
  • Eliminate unprofitability
  • Maximise profit

We welcome enquiries from all types and sizes of business in Hong Kong and we would be pleased to hear from you to see how we can help.

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