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Why use Collateral Transfer (‘leasing’ bank guarantee) Facilities?

  • Raise Urgent Business Capital
  • Simple Underwriting & Process
  • Use as Security for Credit & Loans
  • Investment Leverage & Trading

Our clients choose to adopt Collateral Transfer facilities (or lease Bank Guarantees) as they often need to raise urgent business capital and do not have adequate security to borrow it conventionally.

It is also equally common that they need to raise large sums of capital to enter trade positions or to temporarily underpin large commercial transactions such as buy/sell contracts or for use as surety.

Therefore, Collateral Transfer (or the leasing of Bank Guarantees) can be used for;

*Raising Loans and Credit Lines

*Security for other credit facilities such as trade finance

*Surety and other third party financial commitments

*Trading and overdraft security

Equally, there are a wide range of reasons why our clients chose to open Collateral Transfer facilities and receive Bank Guarantees;

*Security for short to mid-term loans

*Project Finance up to 5 years in term

*Property Construction

*Commodity contracts and buy/sell or sell/buy positions

*Trade programs and investment

Compared to normal asset lending and project finance, Collateral Transfer loans may be an easy solution for borrowing large amounts of money very quickly and without the need for intense underwriting and credit status searches.

Often clients may utilize these facilities to kick-start projects and re-finance on longer term secured debt as the exit strategy for repayment at the end of the term.

All Bank Guarantee (BG) Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) Medium Term Note (MTN), Bond issue transactions must be completed via SWIFT ONLY. Please make sure your financial institution has SWIFT capabilities.

Our group takes great precautions in protecting your interest, confidentiality, and money.

We welcome you to contact us today to discuss your scenario. We would be happy to hear from you.

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