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Letters Of Credit & Bank Payment Orders for Oil and Energy Transactions

  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Confirmation for Proof of Funds
  • Bank Payment Orders & Guarantees
  • Reciprocal (Back-to-Back) Letters of Credit & Transfer

When dealing in the purchase of oil and energy products, we appreciate the need for professionalism, discretion and velocity. That is why we offer our clients a fast and effective solution for the raising of Letters of Credit for the purchase of fossil fuels, oil and refined oil products.  We are able to offer trade finance facilities that meet your requirements and the demands of your suppliers.

If you are about to enter a Sales and Purchase agreement and require financing for the transaction, please contact us

Providing our clients with the financial abilities to sustain long and profitable relationships with oil refineries, re-sellers and mining companies, we offer an unbeatable service.

We raise Letters of Credit for our clients who purchase energy fuels from international suppliers and offer facilities for the issue of reciprocal or back to back Letters of Credit for re-sellers and intermediaries. We offer multiple reciprocal Letters of Credit making it easier for re-sellers to offer CIP transactions to their onward buyers without the need to risk advance shipping costs.

Working closely with our partnership banks around the world, we are also able to confirm our client’s payment abilities (proof of funds) and assist our clients in meeting the seller’s requirements, making it easier for our clients to negotiate good terms with leading international suppliers.

Please email us with your details and requirements. Our expert advisers will respond to you with full information on our services and will be pleased to assist in any enquiries.

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