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  • Investment Strategies
  • Exclusive Offerings & Private Placements
  • Medium Term Note Trading
  • Private Label Funds

Advising and financing various bond issues, Global Finance Capital has access to many different investment opportunities that may not be accessible to the public. Involved with closed-loop investment strategies and Private Label Funds, Global Finance Capital are ideally placed to offer exclusive introductions for potential sophisticated investors direct to investment bankers soliciting bids for new bonds issue and other investment opportunities.

Working with our partner’s bank and combined with the ability to structure complex financial portfolios and leverage purchase schemes, we can create bespoke asset vehicles and strategies to maximize the investment power and returns for our Clients. Working with smaller sophisticated investment groups through vehicles such as white label funds, we can design specific target purchases in new issue bond markets and emerging markets as well as laying down access to medium term note trades and securitizations of coupon notes.

To receive further information on these types of investment services, please feel free to contact us where our investment partners will be pleased to discuss your requirements and offer any advice necessary. We look forward to meeting with all our potential investors and to discussing matters in strictest confidence here in Hong Kong through our personal invitation.

* This should not be considered as a solicitation of investment.

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